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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 15, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> loud explosions and clashing opinions, tempers boil over as physical fights and supporters and opponents of the president face-off in berkley. hello i'm eric thomas thank you so much for joining you. we begin with a physical clash of political beliefs. people held protests in the area, one got ugly. more than 1,000 people gathered in san francisco for a tax protest, but we begin with violent clashes at a trump rally in the east bay. hundreds of pro trump supporters and counter protesters clashed
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at a rally that was at civic center park. we're life in barkley where we've been all day and you've seen those clashes between supporters an opponents. what's happening now? >> definitely, eric, lots of clashes today. streets back open here at mlk and center. the downtown berkeley bart station also open so that's good news but 18 people were arrested, ten people injured, six of them hospitalized after a very long day here. chaos, tension, fighting, a rally planned by supporters of president trump disintegrated into something resembling a war zone around civic center park in berkeley. they faced off with critics of the president, a familiar scene like one that played out in early march. this time berkeley police increased presence. >> we're really against trump --
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country. part of what he's doing to the country is what you see right here, he's polar rising freedom. >> sfreechl speech, he their lib ber tear ians they don't believe they should be attacked. >> this supporter of president trump walked into eye crowd of protesters, first words then blows exchanged gnat man and othersened up in -- >> some say free speech planned is some free speech issues but on the other hand most of them are antagonistic. >> they gist pats add a rule banning things such as pep are stray, rocks, sticks, explosives. but those rules clearly ignored by afternoon, police responded to a stabbing on shaddic after. >> i do not have any details on that particular stabbing i'm told they were transport to the hospital. >> i think we have a right to defend ourselves if they try to attack us. >> with so much civil unrest and
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empathy house a small group offering space for both sides. >> this is our stand for peace, you know, and for really kind of helping people to have a chance to feel hurt. >> sur priegzly, she says, both sides say they want safety and for someone to listen, but apparently not willing to listen to each other. >> in addition to all the cameras today, police say there were lots of smartphones so if you have any video, they wanted to you send it their way. live in berkeley, lonny rivera, abc 7 news. >> thank you. rallies like that inspired our state lawmaker design a pill to protect all rights of free speech regardless of viewpoint. the free expression act would apply at colleges and universities. the measure allows the person whose right was infringed upon to sue to recover damages and costs. the senate education committee is set to consider the bill on wednesday. we now check in live with
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abc 7 news reporter contanna. he's at another big protest this one of many marjsz nationwide. sergio. >> reporter: well, this march they basically came, they marched and then they continued on with their saturday. all that's left here just in herman plaza where the march ended is a few signs because people are now waiting for their rides back home. this was a large but peaceful demonstration. when the crowd atem e sembled on market street for the march it was clear this was a large group. it stretched for five blocks. they have a simple message with a popular mascot. >> the chicken mask is because donald trump is afraid to show his taxes and he's being a chicken. >> chicken trump. show us your taxes, you chic zblen this demonstration is one of many across the country. it's part of an effort to pressure donald trump to release his taxes or to encourage congress do it. >> i asked nancy pelosi about that.
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>> even with all these people turning out, do you think he's going to release them. >> it's not a question of him it's a question of how long the republicans in congress will fro tekt him. we're the ones who can vote to make it happen. >> she was keynote speaker at the premarch event in front of city hall. it was an event that included a massive inflated chicken with copper hair. the symbol was pretty obvious. they didn't bull any punches. >> i'm not afraid to call trump an enemy of this state. >> snow no surprise at this rally in liberal san francisco there wasn't a trump supporter in the bunch. abc 7 news. >> we want him. >> trump's taxes. >> abc 7 news was in palo alto when several groups echoed the call for president trump to release his tax returns. peace activists also spoke out against the president's plan to boost military spernding by $4 billion. >> at the same time he's profoegz cut all the other departments, the ones that
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actually dro good things for people, propose spending 54 billion dollars additional on useless wars around the country is an outrage. >> protests called on apple and other tech companies to cut off support to other republican leaders as well. we were in walnut creek where about 100 people gathered for a national tax day. they held signs asking president trump to release his tax returns. organizers say the rally demonstrates that a suburban community with varying politician affiliations can join together to say they want him to release his tax returns. >> down looted abc news app, download it for free. moving on to the weather a mild evening as we look live from our camera. rain is coming. gee, drew, seems like i say that a lot. >> you say it all the time now
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this n it feels like but we are tracking another round of rain coming our way. live do lar 7 showing you it's quiet out there but live dap lor 7 with satellite this our next storm system, a lot of cloud wufr that's going to push in overnight and bring us a few drops to round out the weekend. on the storm impact this will be a light system it's a 1 on the starm impact scale tomorrow. some light showers, most of them less than a quarter inch of rain but breezy along the coach. we'll time out this rain and show you a big-time warm-up headed your way in the big forecast. a house fire has claimed a life. firefighters responded to an alarm at midnight around 103rd avenue and birch street. smoke was coming from the second story when they arrived and they found one person in the house. the cause of the fire is still unknown. >> abc 7 news was in red wood city after a fire broke out for the same home for the second time in two days.
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flames gutted the home on hide street near wesley crescent circle. the morning's fire started around 5:30 a.m. nobody was hurt. the red cross is assisting five people who have been driven out ever their homes. they're looking to see if those two fires are connected. a day and night in the water hold special meeting for a local group of surfers. >> we're going to show these people that we're going to go out and commit to help them. >> the reason behind this marathon surf session set to last for 24 hours, also coming up this place is about to get packed. we're getting a
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and that breaking news is in fremont, sky 7 just flew over the scene of a fire burning at
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an automotive salvage facility on stevens boulevard. this fire began about 45 minutes ago and the flames have gutted several vehicles. firefighters needed to gut through a gate in order to reach the flames. we just spoke with the fremont fire department and officials tell us that fire has been contained to about 20 cars. you can see the smoke it generated there. new details here, nonprofit groups and clergy leaders say more money needs to be raised for a deadly fire in oklahoma. four people were killed when a fire raced through an apartment building last month. that fire left more than 100 other people homeless. our media partner, the bay area news group, reports that are $70,000 has been raise dollars to help them the many last everything in the fire. they face challenges finding affordable housing as wlg. a group of surfers plans to stay in the water all night to help fight cancer. they were in santa cruz when they began their 24-hour relay at powell beach.
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they hope to raise $10,000 to help local cancer patients. >> we all know people or someone who has battled cancer and it's really a tough deal that they're going through and we want to show support, want to bring the community together. we want to go out and give it our all all night long, 24 hours. >> so far the ghost riders have raised more than $8,700. they tell us they were inspired by a similar fundraiser in seattle two years ago. the golden state warriors have a new playoff motto as they try to reach the nba finals for a third straight year. nbc 7 news was in inside oklahoma land's arine when they put on gold warriors t-shirts on every spooet seat. it took about three hours to do that. they have about 19,000 seats and this year's playoff motto is defend our ground. warriors quest for a championship begins tomorrow right here on abc 7. if you don't have tickets, abc 7 is the only place to watch portland take on the duffs in game one of our playoffs. it starts at noon and stay with
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us after the game followed by abc 7 now's at 5. it may be the year of the rooster but it was the day of the goat. up next how a bay area farmer's market is celebrating all things goat. >>. and the clouds are thickening this evening and they will give way to some showers on
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a spring cleaning event brought people togethering in san jose. volunteers helped spruce up coyote creek. the mayor stopped by the event earlier in the morning. the organizing group keep coyote
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beautiful provided these pictures and they have another cleanup event next month. many people who live near farms learned about where our food comes from today. abc 7 news was at san francisco's fairy building for the ninth annual ghost goat fest. as you can see, goat fest included a. heing zoo. >> and basically connecting people who live in this urban striernt our world community, our food shed that grows and produces all the food that we eat in san francisco. >> the event also promoted many products like goat's milk and goat cheese. now you're accuweather forecast withdrew. >> and accuweather this evening we'll have a dry night but tomorrow we are going to track the return of some showers. live do lar 7 showing you right now it's a quiet picture. scanning around those skies right now trying to find moisture but right now it is coming up clear. outside we go with the exploretorium camera top. showing us the beautiful fairy building in the foreground, just
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a light breeze out there. cloudy skies right now but still despite the cloud cover, limited sunshine today, it feels mild out there. current numbers right now, a lot of 60s on the board. 65 in oakland, 61 in san francisco, 66 the number in napa, 69 in san jose. last hour san jose you were at 70 so it felt warm out there and 68 the current temperature in concord. over night the clouds will continue to thicken overnight today and that the help to keep us on the mid side. 50 overnight the low in richmond about 51 in oakland, san jose, 49 in san francisco and santa rosa over night 45 degrees. those clouds will give way to a little bit of showers on sunday. this next system coming in it's i one, a light system, it will bring a little bit of shower activity in the morning hours first fot north bay then sinking south. less than about a quarter inch in most areas. along the immediate coastline you'll notice the winds will pick up to about 20 to 30 miles
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per hour. let's time this out starting midnight, early sunday morning we're quiet, the clouds continue to thicken and by 9:00 sunday morning starting to see our first springles appearing first in the north bay. >> i think it's probably right around lunchtime or shortly after midday this is when i think we have the best bet of seeing showers sinking south around the golden gate, and the unsettled weather pattern continues through the afternoon and evening. notice it's not a washout of a day but showers will be around for the second half of our sunday and then the actual begin to wind down adds the sun sets and we head late into sunday night. total rainfall, very light in terms of accumulation. future tracking rainfall will show you the highest in the north bay where the system kind of lingers the longest. outside of the north bay most spots seeing less than a quarter inch, maybe even less than a tenth of an inch of rain as you get into the south bay. if you are headed to oracle, i know it's an indoor game you don't have to worry about the game, but if you're going to and from the arena you will have
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some showers out there. by 4:0059 degrees. of course you can watch the game right here. highs on your sunday take a look, showers a lot of cloud cover, not a nice looking day but nonetheless 57? san francisco, 62 in san jose, 57 in vallejo. weather wellness tree pollen at high levels, and mulberry grasss pollen acc ralt as well. we have the next seven days. we have light showers through the on sunday, as you get into your monday, there could be a nice sprinkle it's not a washout of a day. still unsettled on tuesday, a one on a storm impact scale. wednesday a slight chance. look what happens thursday into friday those temperatures jump and by saturday, yes, that does say 80 degrees inland and we could have a very warm sunday next week. >> did you say thursday will be dry? >> thursday will be dry. someone gonna go to lynx. >> halla lieua. am i looking dark here is r sore
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that my makeup. >> let's talk warriors. they begin their run fire second nba tietd willing in seven years tomorrow. the giants sprierl continues for the rockies in town. jared parker felt like he hit a rock with this collision not good news and we have it next in sports.
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now abc 7 shorts with mike shumann. >> nba playoffs kick off today around the nation with four games on tap. i hate to say this, cavaliers.
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get to them in a second as the warriors tip off their postseason tomorrow hting portland. they're at full strength wj kevin durant back after missing five weeks a knee injury. in his absence steph curry rediscovered his stroke and that is the team to beat. but portland's c.j. mccollum after raged more than steph and clay during a game. >> we don't look at paper, we don't look at who's under dog, we don't look at none of that stuff. we know you can be beaten any night. these guys are nba players, it's hard as hell to be an nba player, it's hard. it's hard to be a playoff champ, one through eight, it's hard. we're not underpest mating no players because, you know, they're going to be "a" players. >> all right. cavaliers and pacers in cleveland, game one king james looking to go back to back throwing down the alley-oop. 32 points, 13 assists for the king. cavs down two la bran with a
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two-handed jam. cavs take a two-point lead. pacers trailing by one, c.j. miles for the win, off the mark. why can't paul george taking that shot? cavs take one. we'll start off with the coliseum with shawn ma ny on the hill against the astros. jackie robinson day, everyone wherewearing his number, 42. they hit two home runs in the fifth, trevor pa loof with his second and two batters later with the sixth. and shah ma ny pitching a no-hitter, game over, right? wrong. they walked the bases loaded into sixth and carlos carrera with a line drivetor short off the glove of morales, no hits allowed two runs struck out six. astros stooid tied in the eighth. george springer spleets the four-run eighth after of
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doolittle after leading 7106 after leading with five and a no-hitter. >> facing tile hear chat wood moore lasted five and two-thirds allowed five runs on ten hits. they started things off shoulder shot in the third, 1-0 rockies. they had three more in the fourth, charlie blackman, two out, two run single just over the head of joe panic, four-0 cal. then d.j. la mayhew looking for more. two out drive to left field, jared parker an amazing grab but he krarkz into the wall with his right shoulder. you can see he's in pain, broken clavicle. his perfect game went into the sixth inning but woe end up with a complete game shut out first of two hits striking out four. the giants fall 5-0. lebron being lebron, a man among boys kind of like eric withdrew and shoe. >> thank you for noticing. i was wondering about that. thanks. congratulations are in
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snchts coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 we'll go back to the clean up is happening now after a chaotic dave protests, fighting and arrests. remember the bay area man who create the something all of us used in the man who was the key to starting the internet. it's a boy for april, the giraffe finally who delivered a
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baby calf. she gave birth this morning and he's already watching. oh, good. april has been live stream 24 hours a day for nearly two months. more than 1 million people have watched the delivery, a contest will be held to name the baby. so if mom's april, how about may. >> yeah. >> here's a live look at april an a baby boy. the birmg was expected first in march then early april. april so popular now there's a line of april the giraffe merchandise available online. i wonder what percent able she gets of it. i would guess her agent didn't get a -- snow, probably not. >> you think the same thing. >> yeah, i think so too. that's it for abc 7:00 news at 5:00 and of course as i told you we're still monitoring the swigs i situation over at berkeley where those protests took place. our reporters are on the job there. thanks for inviteding us into your homes. we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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tonight, show of force. breaking news north korea failing at its latest attempted missile launch following their major military parade showing off possible new weapons. as tensions rise our martha raddatz in the region tonight. breaking news. pro trump and anti-trump forces clashing in the streets. this as thousands of others march across the country including near mar-a-lago demanding to see the president's tax returns. breaking overseas the powerful blast killing scores of people including children in syria. the families trying to evacuate the region as a huge car bomb exploded. also breaking tonight an arrest in the case of the google account executive murdered going for a run. and travelers on edge. the trai


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